Our mission at KPI Sense

When we started out in the finance industry, it all used to be fun.

It felt powerful sliding over the just-off-white big-4 business card to prospective clients. It was landing and leading major high profile international deals with household brands. It was an invaluable education in the right way to think about finance, including the very interesting (and legal) loopholes. It was grinding out work until the sun comes up so we could always overdeliver.

It was safe, relatively easy, and expected.

Over time, the bureaucracy of our big-business firms completing work for other big-businesses transformed our root passion for finance into transactional work.

Anyone now running their own business is probably familiar with this feeling.

Corporate mandates that prioritized billable hours over client satisfaction combined with little true technological innovation got us thinking that there had to be a different approach - one that gave our clients sophisticated financial insights, & expert guidance, and fueled our souls. Thus KPI Sense  was born.

While the end goal of your data may be to close a capital round, or identify the leading and lagging indicators for a sales team, data always first needs to solve the human problem. Technology alone can’t do this, and humans alone can’t scale. That’s why we take a blended approach with every deal at KPI Sense.

Our powerful technology organizes your fragmented and unstructured data so our team can analyze, augment and provide back holistic recommendations so you have confidence in what to do next. 

The KPI Sense team. We love solving both the complicated and the mundane so you can scale. 

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